Shining Mountains Living Community Services

Description of Program

What is the intervention/program/project?
Shining Mountains Living Community Services produces brochures on HIV and other health issues specific to Métis people. These brochures are currently being distributed to Métis people nation-wide.
Shining Mountains Living Community Services staff provide training sessions based on the brochures. The workshops entail exercises using several tools. The “mending the wheel” exercise, for example, asks participants to take stock of their own level of health. The “Red River Cart” leads participants to look at their family histories and how they may impact their health, and then guides them in setting objectives.
What is the goal/objective of the intervention/program/project?
One goal of the program is to raise awareness of HIV and provide prevention education to Métis people and Métis leadership, including the Métis Nation of Alberta and Métis community leaders, in order to reduce HIV infection rates.
An additional goal is to recognize the history of Métis people and educate the broader community to promote more respect for Métis people.
Why was the intervention/program/project originally developed?
At the time when the program was developed, there was a significant gap in terms of HIV prevention resources for Métis people. Métis people have a unique history and culture that was not being accounted for in mainstream or Aboriginal-focused HIV prevention resources. As a result, many Métis people felt that HIV was not an issue in the community. Yet approximately 6% of all Métis people are HIV positive, and 25% of the population has not been tested for HIV.
How was the program developed?
Some aspects of the tools were based on other health tools that were used many years ago. Staff developed the resources and trainings in-house.


Production/distribution of Metis-specific brochures and tools for sexual and personal health.

Program Type

  • Community
  • Education
  • Individual
  • Education

Populations Served

  • Indigenous peoples

Contact Information

Name: Raye St. Denys
Position: Executive Director
Phone: 403-346-9794

Location Information: 

Brochure distribution is nation-wide. Workshops are offered Alberta-wide. Staff offer workshops wherever they are asked to go.



Project Resources

Financial • Staff members • Compensation for travel

Resources for Program


  •  Two staff people are required for each training session.


  • Printed materials.
  • Workshop tools.


  • Staff members' salary.
  • Compensation for travel.

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Audience/client feedback and satisfaction

  • Workshops and tools are evaluated based on client satisfaction. Individuals attending workshops are asked whether sessions improved their knowledge of sexual health and how presenters can provide better sessions.

Process and outcomes evaluation

  • A program evaluation is completed for funders. An external evaluator will be contracted this year.

Evaluation Terms

Audience/client feedback and satisfaction, Process monitoring or evaluation