Prison Outreach

Description of Program

What is the intervention/program/project?
HIV North Society delivers prevention programming to federal and provincial correctional centres in rural Alberta.
In the federal prison, HIV North Society delivers a Reception Awareness Program (RAP), which is a powerpoint presentation. The presentation is supplied by the prison. An outreach worker travels to the prison to offer the program for 3 hours to a group of 4 to 20 people. The program is mandatory for all incarcerated individuals. The presentation covers basic HIV/AIDS information, including what it HIV is, transmission and prevention. The outreach worker may not modify the presentation, but can customize the verbal content. No safer sex supply distribution is permitted.
An outreach worker travels to the provincial correctional centre from HIV North Society’s satellite office to offer the program once per month. The 1-2 hour long presentation is created by HIV North Society and tailored to meet the audience’s needs. The focus of the presentations is the basic transmission of HIV and the prevention of HCV relating to home tattooing and piercing. The presentation is not mandatory and people can attend at their own accord. HIV North Society offers snacks. Condoms are permitted to be left at the front desk.  The outreach worker can speak with people in their rooms accompanied by a staff member.
What is the goal/objective of the intervention/program/project?
The goal is to provide enough information to prevent the transmission of HIV/HCV when people are engaged in risky behaviour either inside or outside the facilities.
Why was the intervention/program/project originally developed?
Many of the people that HIV North Society saw in their drop-in centre were cyclically incarcerated. HIV North Society saw the benefit of providing education and reaching out to their clients in a closed setting with a captive audience in the prison and correctional facility.
How was the program/initiative/project developed?
The program developed organically. Conversations began with incarcerated individuals in a correctional facility working to determine their needs for HIV/AIDS education. HIV North Society was approved by the facilities to deliver the education.


HIV North Society

Program Type

  • Community
  • Education
  • Harm reduction
  • Individual
  • Counselling
  • Education
  • Harm reduction

Populations Served

  • Incarcerated and/or remanded individuals

Contact Information

Name: Brenda Yamkowy

Position: Executive Director

Phone: 780-538-3388



Location Information: 

Federal prison in Grande Cache and provincial correctional centre in Peace River.



Resources for Program


  • One outreach worker for each facility, 1 day/month.


  • Staff.
  • Vehicle mileage.
  • Food for presentations.


  • Powerpoint presentation.
  • Educational resources.
  • Supplies for distribution.


Start Date



Ongoing [federal facility is operating on a 3 year project funding basis]


Output evaluation or tracking

  • Number of people at each session, number of sessions.

Process evaluation

  • Information from outreach worker, informal information gathering from prisoners.

Evaluation Terms

Outcome evaluation, Output tracking