The 10 x 10 Project

Description of Program

What is the intervention/program/project?
AIDS Vancouver Island (AVI) plays a 10-minute educational video during its drop-in programming every weekin a 10-week cycle. Video topics cover a broad spectrum of health related topics including, but not limited to, HIV/HCV prevention and safer use, safer tattooing, chronic pain, stress relief, bed bugs, stigma, assertiveness, self esteem, and mental health issues including depression and anxiety. Snacks are provided and a facilitated discussion occurs after the short video. The videos are a starting point for conversation, and lead to lively conversations and referrals to other health and social services.
What is the goal/objective of the intervention/program/project?
The goal of the project is to help people learn about health so that they can be as healthy as possible. The goal is also to present HIV/HCV, safer drug use and other health information in a manageable and accessible format.
Why was the intervention/program/project originally developed?
A  primary health care nurse who regularly attends the drop-in donated a stack of video tapes containing a myriad of health education information. AVI used this idea as a springboard, but looked for accessible, short videos on the internet and began showing them once per week.
How was the intervention/program/project developed?
The pilot project was put together intentionally and was initially developed for a 10 week time period. Staff planned educational topics and snacks for the first 10 weeks. However, after the first 10 week period finished, there was major interest in continuing the project. Staff began to conduct evaluation and strategy sessions in partnership with the participants. Now, every 10 weeks, one session is held to evaluate the last 10 sessions and decide on topics for the next 10 sessions.


AIDS Vancouver Island (AVI) – Courtenay, B.C.

Program Type

  • Community
  • Education
  • Harm reduction
  • Individual
  • Education
  • Harm reduction

Populations Served

  • People living with HIV/AIDS
  • People who use drugs

Contact Information

Name: Sarah Sullivan

Position: Manager, Courtenay and Campbell River Offices

Phone: 250-338-7400



Location Information: 

Courtenay, B.C. in the AVI office.



Project Resources

Powerpoint presentation about the project available to share with other agencies upon request.

Resources for Program


  • Access to internet.
  • A location to show a video.


  • Food/healthy snacks.
  • Staff time.


  • Either one staff or volunteer run.
  • A nurse.

Start Date



Ongoing; in a 10-week cycle


Output tracking

  • The number of clients who attend is collected weekly. An average of 6-15 people attend each session.

Client/Audience feedback or evaluation

  • Every 10 weeks, a client evaluation and strategy session is conducted with participants.

Evaluation Terms

Audience/client feedback and satisfaction, Output tracking